Our hydraulic Vector Dolly features two steering modes, rear wheel steer and all-wheel crab, with infinite crab rotation. A hydraulic accumulator system for smooth and quiet boom movement, lifting a camera with straight vertical movement and about 4 lifts per charge.


Vector Dolly parts accessory cart

  • Track wheels
  • 12” Mitchell riser
  • Low-mode arm
  • 2’ off-set (Mitchell base)
  • 2-seats
  • 6” Platforms
  • 2ft Mitchell base slider from
    Modern Studio equipment


Steering Post Height (to hand grips):
Minimum Height for Shipping:
Vertical Boom Travel:
Low Lens Height (without Low Shot):
High Lens Height (with Red Camera):
Boom Lifts per charge:
Maximum Boom Capacity:
41.25″ (105cm)
24″ (61cm)
36.25″ (92cm)
23″ (58cm)
375 lbs (170kg)
30″ (76cm)
34″ (86cm)
64″ (162cm)
180 lbs (82kg)


Vector dolly rental pkg. $250 per day
8ft straight track $10
4ft straight track $8
45-degree curved track $15


Stealth Slider Kit/Dana Dolly rental

Comes with the following:
  • Dana Dolly-Stealth Slider
  • Two Low Boys with 2 Leveling Legs
  • Two Pipe Connectors
  • Camera Plate, 75mm & 100mm Adapters
  • Lowering Kit with Jr. Receivers
$75 per day Rental

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